Body Harmony

A body in Harmony is a body in alignment with gravity, with pleasure, with your intentions.
You can start living the life you dream of living, instead of wishing you had the life of your dreams.
Ease permeates your movements, and your choices, your being.
Body Harmony takes things from the conceptual to the physical – an actual experience.


  • How often do you see something in the way of what you wish to achieve?
  • What do you do about it?
  • Do you carry on with the old story, or do you see it as an opportunity, a possibility to create what you want in your life?
  • Do you even know what you want in your life, or do you only see what you don’t want?

You may have a very clear idea of what you want yet are continually thwarted in achieving it. Or maybe you can achieve what you set out to do in one area of your life, but not in another. Maybe you are great at work, but can’t seem to get it sorted with relationships. You may be able to recognise a pattern, but still don’t know what to do about it. You change something but it still doesn’t work.

  • What is happening?
  • Do you see these stumbling blocks as openings in your life to create a new possibility?

What we do at these stumbling blocks, makes a difference in what happens afterwards. These are turning points, or transformation opportunities, available to us every day.

What is Body Harmony?

Body Harmony session

Body Harmony helps you to transform your relationships, your work, your health, your finances, your life, through becoming more present to the experiences in your body. Body Harmony gives you the experience of new possibilities on a cellular level.

What does that mean?

It means that you can actually feel in your body, have an experience, a sense in your body, of what it is that you are wanting in your life. Effectively, you start searching it out, doing it. When your body and mind are aligned, your posture is aligned, your perception shifts, and it is much easier to live your dreams.

Body Harmony teaches you the tools to bring your physiological responses, your breathing, your posture, your thoughts, your body and mind into alignment, in any situation in your life, easily.

Welcome to the opportunity to Live your dreams, to feel healthier, to have the relationships that you want, the money to support you in the way that you want… and more.

Life can be easier. Life can be more rewarding.

What if you could bring your body More into harmony?

What if you could get your subconscious mind (alias your body) to align with your mind?

Life, personal interactions and experiences become so much easier.

You have the potential to live the life you dream.

Live it and Love it.

At Canberra Body Harmony School we teach you how to bring your body and mind into alignment, in order to achieve your dreams, goals and intentions.

As a consequence you will:

  • Become more aware of what your body is telling you.
  • Learn how to change your mindset
  • Experience taking your life to the next level.
  • Be Happier and Healthier

How do we do this?

Body Harmony – A form of bodywork which is intention based. Forward looking, and responsive to your body’s language of what you are aligned with and what you aren’t. Body Harmony helps you to realign body and mind through the synergy of your practitioner’s conscious touch: and your breath, movement, awareness while you are comfortably dressed.

Herbal Medicine and Homoeopathy – We may also support the process with herbal and homoeopathic remedies appropriate to you.

Your process may be through individual Sessions, courses, and training and development.

We look forward to Joining you on your journey to a truly fulfilling life.

Robyn and Paul


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