Here you will find some feedback we have received from people attending either a personal body harmony session or one of our training courses.

Body Harmony with Robyn is a healing experience that almost defies description. I suspect that no two recipients could agree on a common definition for what they have experienced.
Bearing that in mind, I shall attempt to put words to my experience of Body Harmony:
Softening; releasing; recalling; melting of resistance and restriction; dissipation of long held patterns of tension; creation of internal space; release of old and unhelpful emotions that have constrained posture and movement; shifting old pain; freedom of movement and an opening to new possibilities, both physical and emotional. Feeling safe at all times
Robyn’s work is simply extraordinary!

Jean Walker

One of the main lessons I got was that even though I was taking the right minerals, I needed the right Biochemic dose for my body. Once I did that, it made a huge difference. I now feel calmer, I continue to feel better. I am recommending the Tissue Salts with great results. I must say, I just love the quality of the DHU Tissue Salt tablets.

Attended "The Clinical Science of Biochemic Medicine, incorporating Facial Diagnostics"

Antonja Frank

Sunny Goddard4 days of fascinating immersion into the world of cellular Biochemistry and how the deficiency signs show up in our faces. Very useful and inspiring - Thank You!

Attended "The Clinical Science of Biochemic Medicine, incorporating Facial Diagnostics."

Sunny Goddard
Sunny Goddard, Homoeopath

Hi Guys!
I had a wonderful time in the workshop last week and wanted to share with you some of my reflections and ideas on what I experienced. It is hard as you know to put some of these very subtle processes and feelings into words, but in stream of consciousness style here goes:
In one word: peaceful...
The wonderful experience of feeling peaceful in one’s own body and personal space, of being ecstatically alive in the present moment. Knowing that the present, right here right now has everything I need and that everything is in its right place. Feeling all of that in my body: in my chest, a great lightness and expansiveness; in my pelvis, a combination of grace and funkiness (think James Brown!)in my movement; a depth of ease and relaxation in my breathing; and, possibly above all, a lightness of being and the confidence that this present moment and this body sense contains all the wisdom of the past and all the promise of the future, without fear and therefore without compression.
It is paradoxical maybe that the only true way to vision one’s future is to come fully into the present moment, to come out of the 24/7 habitual preoccupation with one’s conceptual mind and sink down gently into the subtle intelligence of one’s presence, to tune into this alternative waveband and hear as if for the first time the inner stirrings and energy waves of a deeper and more ancient(hence more trustworthy)wisdom. Yes, my body knows what is best for me. Knows all the stratagems and ruses I have used in the past to resist and refuse this wisdom. Knows how nevertheless  the long wave of vision and self-realisation has been coursing through my history for ever and like all such waves is inherently unstoppable. I just needed to get myself into a peaceful place, open my senses, trust the process, and listen deeply to understand what I must do now, the different choices I must make, and the vectors of future possibility that I must explore.
Choices are the key for me. Vision is realised when I make some simple, different, and better choices, here and now:
-what to eat, how much to eat, and what quality of enjoyment to eat it with!
-how to hold myself in my body, to sense which position or posture is better by feeling the energy flow through me
-how to move with awareness and appreciation of the gifts of such a beautiful flow
-to stop or call timeout on the derailleur’s that inhibit me or cause me to lose heart: procrastination is the big one for me here
-choosing to enjoy contact and relationship with others, feeling there is more space and more connectedness in my relations with loved ones
-choosing healing, positive words over negative or hurtful ones.
I know where I am going: it is not a precise GPS reference point but a vector that I am now walking and exploring that calls most strongly to me.

I know why I am going there: this is at the core of my motivation, therefore not whimsical and not transient.
I know who is coming with me: the relationships that bring out the full potential in me and help me to support the realisation and expression of that potential in others.
I trust my inner guide to take me there: everyone needs their own special Saint Anthony!
There is a character in a James Joyce novel who is described as “living a short distance from his body”.
So I am back in my body now. And I know again how to touch and be touched.
There is an aboriginal saying that the white man only knows how to live in a “skin-encapsulated place” rather than in the world at large.
So I now feel there is more of the world in me and more of me in the world.
My own breakthrough discovery is that vision is most powerful when it is fully embodied and fully present. When it is both these qualities it is no longer about the future, it is no longer a thought or a free-floating aspiration. It is no longer out there but is “in here” ( gesturing to my chest).
It is a fire in the belly, a twinkle in the eyes and smile on the lips, and a magnetic pull as strong as the moon’s love for the tides. Unstoppable!
With love and gratitude, and with full consent to luxuriate in the experience...


While participating in a Body Harmony weekend that involved many sessions and experiences I was permitted to be a patient/client and have work from several colleagues. 
During one particular session I was very tired and drifted off to sleep. While in this state of semi sleep I was aware of energies and changes within my feelings and emotions. My overall awareness was one of totally trusting those people around me (though I had only just met them) and I felt  like butterflies with healing properties had called past to visit me aiding in a gentle and ever loving way. This was accompanied with a feeling of absolute love emanating from the people I was with, an overwhelming emotion to which strength I have not known since the birth of my children. I felt as if I was loved and this love would never be betrayed. Very powerful. 

I am not sure why or how Body Harmony works but I have found the power of self belief it has instilled in me to be beyond my expectations and it can only benefit my future. 
Thankyou so much for the love from the team who brought together this Body Harmony weekend and thanks to our representatives in Canberra whom made it all possible.

Jenny Taylor

How has my life changed
……… Wow, where do I start? I could begin with remembering my first Body Harmony session about a year ago, to where I am now after completing the 5-module series. I could not have imagined then that I would be where I am now – practicing Body Harmony myself.
In essence, I have not ‘changed’ at all, but rather I am more connected to my essence – and as a result, my life has changed incredibly. I am more aware of what I am ‘feeling’ inside my body, and can interact with life more effectively from this place of truth. I have learned so much more about trusting my healing process - about being more accepting of where I am at any given time. My intentions have been fulfilled, although not necessarily to my ego’s expectations! - they have been fulfilled according to my body’s true needs, which are ongoing and evolving.

My experience of the 5-module series
Each module was very different for me in terms of my own healing experience. I had modules where I laughed in ecstasy, and others where I cried in misery – it was different every time, but there was more and more ‘movement’ as each module progressed – the learning continued. I have come to the end of the series inspired, and with a curiosity to learn more.

What I like the most about Body Harmony is that it is about ‘listening’ and waiting for ‘consent’ from the tissue, and providing a supportive environment for release – something I hadn’t come across in my limited experience of other modalities. I have also become so much more aware of my ‘touch’, my own internal ‘movement’, and the way that I interact with others in my daily life – I have become more receptive.

The most challenging aspect for me was dealing with my own ‘issues’ that came up through the series, and not being sure of what was going on at the time. Being able to contact you in between modules was very helpful to me. Also, dealing with my ‘ego’ that doesn’t like to be revealed for the trickster that it is! I found it frustrating sometimes when I couldn’t see or feel beyond my patterns.


Thanks muchly folks – Really enjoyed the 5 seminars, particularly this last one.
I found the teaching very inspiring, and have enjoyed how much you allow experience from different trainings to be discussed and compared. The venue is great.
I think marketing could be improved so that more people can have the benefit of your style and content.

Satch Campbell

The training weekends are very special events – nourishing and enriching.
Robyn’s an excellent teacher – very clear, organised, patient and responsive.
The weekends are a great blend of theory, practice and therapy.
The Venue’s extremely welcoming, and very comfortable, the participants and teachers great human beings. Thank You!!!

Anna Kamarul

I had a lot of fun attending the Body Harmony Modules.
I found the course outline structured and informative.
Throughout each weekend there was a lot of time for questions and answers
There was a lot of hands on in the sessions which assisted in the understanding of the  techniques we were being taught. So receiving a session was also as beneficial as giving a session.
Looking forward to the Modules this year.

Liz Walmsley
Module Series2009 + 2010

The most valuable aspect of doing the modules that I have received is 
learning how to really listen, to drop agendas and become more and more 
grounded in my own body and fresh to the present moment. 
The most challenging aspect for me, has been in meeting feelings of 
inadequacy or hopelessness in sessions and waking up to the simple 
realisation that I am a beginner, although these insights have helped my 
approach to clients become more honest and allows for more movement, and 
enjoyment in the session.

Sky Naylor

For me, Body Harmony is becoming a wonderful way to explore, test and clarify what 'reality' is to me.  It is also becoming a great tool for creating happiness for myself and those around me.  A way to connect with people and the universe.  And more   : )

Brendan Allen

Over the last few years I have been helped very much by Robyn through Body Harmony. I was tense, anxious, depressed and rudderless.
Over the various sessions my nerves have calmed. If I have had breathing tightness that has been relieved.
Various painful areas in limbs or joints have lessened. Today I came I with a very painful sacral area, having crashed off a bike. I came away without the pain, being able to walk freely and not painful to put pressure on the sacrum area (left side). An extreme relief! My body feels better adjusted.

Sally White

Body Harmony is a blessing. To have a powerful tool that connects you to a deeper understanding of what is occurring on the unconscious level is the difference between living and succeeding.

Marcus Chacos

Words fail to express the amazing experience that is Body Harmony. I loved every one of the 90 minutes that I laid on the table in the capable hands of Robyn Barraclough. For me the experience was a collection moments: of bliss, laughter, exhilaration, visions of the past, physical body sensations and a spectrum of emotions in between. Each emotion and sensation emerged and passed through me effortlessly…as I reconnected to ‘me’. I would recommend anyone and everyone to try Body Harmony. If it all sounds too airy-fairy or new age get over yourself and just try it… you’ll love it!

Virginia Mooney
Life Coach



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