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harmonise through body harmony

How Do You Make Decisions?

Robyn Barraclough from Canberra Body Harmony School asks “Do you make decisions from your heart or from you mind, using logic and intellect or using gut instincts?’ Often we have a predominant way of operating, and other people may express it in the way they describe us: •    She wears her heart on her sleeve […]

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A Golden Moment

Some Moments are Gold

Robyn Barraclough, who is a Dorothy Hall trained Herbalist, Homeopath, International Body Harmony Teacher and Mother had this heart-warming story to tell us this week – “My daughter was really angry and upset yesterday, so I sat with her last night and breathed with her, and she relaxed and calmed. Today when her younger brother […]

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happy face

“So this is what happiness feels like!”

Have you ever had someone try to describe to you what something is like, but you don’t actually have an experience of it? It’s like telling someone what jumping on a trampoline is like, but they have never jumped on a trampoline before, so they don’t have a reference point. Yet put them on a […]

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The Art of Embodiment

Tiny Habits Assist with the “Art of Embodiment”

Deepen your Body Harmony experience; discover the “Art of Embodiment”. We also have a Tiny Habit exercise for you to try. This is so tiny and so easy you are going to want to give it a go. Have you done affirmations or positive thinking and not got the results you wanted? Don McFarland, founder […]

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Change your Posture, and Become who you want to be…

Change your perceptions, by changing your posture. Not only can you change your perceptions but also other people’s perceptions of you. By simple adjustments to your posture, your whole mindset can change…. Change your Body, Change your Mind Find out how in our Weekend Workshop on 2nd-3rd August-  “Reading the Body – Posture and Perception”. […]

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Meredith Dolan - International Body Harmony Teacher, receiving a Body Harmony session

In Touch – Canberra Body Harmony Newsletter – Transform Habitual Behaviours Edition

  Do you want to transform your habitual behaviours and get more out of Life?  Take the opportunity to leave some old habits behind, and create new functional ways of being.  Make your world bigger, to include the things you thought you couldn’t ever do. Become empowered in your circumstances, your relationships, your business, in your […]

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