Body Harmony Techniques – Sponging to Invite Movement

The magic of the ocean

Walking along the beach at Noosa, the water lapped against my feet along the waters edge. The water washed up and back from the beach. The movement of the water mesmerised me as it washed in, reached its edge and then pulled back. The water merged and reformed as it met on its different journeys.

As I walked, I felt my body follow a suggestion from the waves. Washing in, washing out, washing in, washing out. I felt the water’s movement mirror in my body, a washing sponging sensation. Soon, I felt my whole body soften. My movements became smooth and gliding.

What “sponging feels like”

As I watched the water, I was reminded of a technique in Body Harmony called “sponging”. Sponging is a technique which “sponges” in to the squishy layer of the tissue, to the edge where the texture changes, then draws out, freeing and opening up the tissues. The waves washing in and out looked like the movements I feel in the body when sponging. The ocean felt like it had “sponged” me as I walked along the waters edge.

Sometimes, when doing Body Harmony I will touch an area where there isn’t much movement and create a sponging motion to invite movement, awareness or sensation into that area. Sometimes this movement happens spontaneously.  My touch is drawn in to a particular direction and then touches an edge of something, then washes back in another direction in a wave like motion.

Sponging – What is it, and how do you do it?

Here is a starter lesson presented by Duncan Hogg on Sponging. Try this at home and get a sense of what this feels like before trying it with a friend or client. In Body Harmony Workshops, sponging is just one of the techniques you learn to create more breath, movement and vitality in yourself and others.

The best way to discover what sponging feels like  is to book an individual Body Harmony Session with me, or  a Body Harmony Class. Then you too could see how sponging feels when it opens up new potential in your body. Put your name and email address in the box below and I will make sure you get the next lesson where you can see sponging in action, as well as hear about upcoming classes.

Body Harmony Sponging Lesson 1 video

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