Simple Steps To Reach Your Goals For The New Year

happy girl on beachSome Simple Steps To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Come True

from Natural Therapist Robyn Barraclough …….

With the New Year, comes new hopes, new dreams, new ideas.

We make plans to do grand things. Some things we do, but a lot go by the wayside.

I like BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits to help with my New Year Resolutions for better health.

What is the smallest thing you can do towards your New Goal?

Some Examples are

  • to eat healthy – when I go to the fridge I will eat a piece of fruit or a vegetable.
  • to get fit – after I have been to the toilet I will do one push up (BJ Fogg lost a lot of weight with this simple action).
  • to reduce stress – each time I sit at my desk I will take 3 big breaths.

There are 3 key points to this

  1. Make it tiny – I will floss one tooth today
  2.  Find a time and place – after I brush my teeth I will floss one tooth.  After I ________ I will _______.
  3. Train the cycle, then celebrate! This is key,” Hey great – I remembered to floss one tooth. Excellent! Good on me!”

It’s that simple. Now you may ask ‘What about the rest of my teeth?’. Let that happen later, the first step is to cement the behaviour in as being fun – is it more fun to floss one tooth or all of them? So start with one, and continue with one.

Tissue salts are a simple way to improve your health. For example, my goal is to sleep better and wake up refreshed, so I take Mag Phos Tissue Salts as I’m getting ready for bed, which results in me waking up refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

A workshop with some simple actions that will improve your health and that of your family is coming up soon. To start your new year of better health, book now for one of our short courses. And remember, when you have booked congratulate yourself that you have made another step towards your goal.

One of our previous Tissue Salts For Kids Workshop participants found that the “session was short enough to fit into a busy weekend but long enough to learn new skills.”

Since the workshop she says “ I have found my new skills invaluable helping my little grandson with his teething pain become a happy little person despite the teething process and the Tissue Salts have also helped myself and my husband with stress and insomnia. I would highly recommend this safe, simple but effective therapy to anyone.”   Jenny Gawalski.

Tiny habits to a healthier you start right now. Take the first step and book into one of our courses

Tissue Salts For Children – 10th January Canberra

Introduction To Tissue Salts – 10th January Canberra





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