Shifting from Holiday Mode to Work Mode

Holiday fun

Holiday fun

Have you given yourself some time out for the Christmas and New Year season?
Time out, holidays or time to relax is an important part of being able to function effectively. Our bodies need rest and recovery. Whether its time out each day, or time out after a certain period of time, it gives the body the chance to recharge the batteries, slow down, relax, and be able to come back to work refreshed. New ideas flow.
When we are in survival mentality, we cannot see the value of taking time out. In Thrive mentality, it is an important part of doing what we need to do, so we can be our best.
But the first step is always to look after you.
•    Get appropriate sleep,
•    Eat well
•    Drink enough water, not just tea/coffee/soft drinks.
•    Get some exercise. – Take a walk, get a new perspective by walking in nature, by the lake, or the beach.
•    Look after your mind as well – search out experiences that fulfil you, and share those experiences with others.

If you haven’t come back refreshed, then your body may need some additional help.  If you have, what can you do to keep that feeling going for longer?
Tissue salts can support your body in short term stress, or when you have had long term drains on your body. Tissue Salts can also enhance your effectiveness. For example, by providing what your body needs before or during exercise, or for an exam or meeting that requires a lot of information recall and communication, you help your body to perform better for longer. They also work well with other modalities to improve the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment.
Our upcoming course encompasses all aspects of the use of The Twelve Schussler Minerals as well as some helpful tricks and tips for better health.  Body Harmony workshops also coming up in March, will give help you access your body’s treasure chest of practical wisdom, joy and tools for transformation. Bring a friend; it’s great to share the experience.
Tissue Salts – The Clinical Science of Biochemic Medicine, incorporating Facial Diagnostics
6th–9th March 2015 – Shavana Health, Castle Hill, Sydney.  Details and book here

18th–19th &-25th–26th April  – Om Shanti College Griffith, Canberra. Details and book here

Body Harmony – The Treasures Within – Accessing Your Inner Resources
28th–29th March, Canberra Body Harmony School, Queanbeyan. Details and book here


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