For me, Body Harmony is becoming a wonderful way to explore, test and clarify what ‘reality’ is to me.  It is also becoming a great tool for creating happiness for myself and those around me.

– Brendan Allen

Body Harmony is a blessing. To have a powerful tool that connects you to a deeper understanding of what is occurring on the unconscious level is the difference between living and succeeding.

– Marcus Chacos

Today I came I with a very painful sacral area, having crashed off a bike. I came away without the pain, being able to walk freely and not painful to put pressure on the sacrum area (left side). An extreme relief!

– Sally White

Body Harmony with Robyn is a healing experience that almost defies description. I suspect that no two recipients could agree on a common definition for what they have experienced.
Bearing that in mind, I shall attempt to put words to my experience of Body Harmony:
Softening, releasing; recalling; melting of resistance and restriction; dissipation of long held patterns of tension; creation of internal space; release of old and unhelpful emotions that have constrained posture and movement; shifting old pain; freedom of movement and an opening to new possibilities, both physical and emotional. Feeling safe at all times
Robyn’s work is simply extraordinary!
Jean Walker
Art Therapist

– Jean Walker


pain free

The Posture of Pain and How to Overcome it

Do you suffer from pain? Do you want to learn how to overcome Pain? Pain comes in many shapes and forms, physical and emotional.  That pain can create habitual postures in your body. When the posture of your pain is addressed, you can develop skills to overcome pain. “For the first time we can explain […]

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Did you know that your face shows up your body’s mineral imbalances? Tissue Salts Courses

Our Body’s are always providing us with information that can help us to function more efficiently. We just need to know how to read those signs. Have you ever noticed when you are sick, or on the brink of getting sick, that your facial colour changes; or the delicate skin around your eyes change colour, […]

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In Touch – Canberra Body Harmony Newsletter – Heart Edition

 “The Heart of the Matter“ with Don and Linda McFarland Sat 8th– Sun 9th October 2011, 9:30am-5:30pm. In virtually all human cultures, ancient and modern, the heart has long been regarded as a source of wisdom and information beyond normal awareness. Far more than a simple pump, as was once believed, The heart is now […]

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The Power of a Smile

Smile… What, smile? Yes,  smile, have you tried it lately?Did you know it can improve your health? I know when I hear my kids laugh, it is contagious, and I can’ help myself but smile. I notice I feel more love and affection for them when I smile. Take a look at this video from […]

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4 Don McFarland - Body Harmony

Don McFarland working – photo gallery

Here we see Dr McFarland giving a Body Harmony session.

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Urtica - Herbs

Herbs – photo gallery

Here we will build on our picture library of herbs the use in treatment.

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Body Harmony Session

Body Harmony Course – Photo Gallery

This show some of our students learning and applying the lessons in our Body Harmony training course in Canberra,

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Don McFarland

Don McFarland – Body Harmony Founder

Don McFarland, one of the foremost BodyWorkers of our time, and founder of Body Harmony, is in Canberra and giving a Free Introduction to “The Heart of the Matter”  on Friday 7th October at 7:30pm. I have known Don McFarland for over 10 years now. I continue to be amazed at his skill in getting […]

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Don MacFarlane

What are the distinguishing factors of Body Harmony?

Listening on all levels I don’t know any other modality which listens to what is happening underneath your hands as you work as much as we learn to do in Body Harmony – my training in Reiki is the next closest, but doesn’t follow  the clues in the tissue in the way that Body Harmony […]

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Dr Don Mcfarland

Experiences with Don McFarland, Founder of Body Harmony

I have known Don McFarland for over 10 years now. I continue to be amazed at his skill in getting to the core of the issue with Body Harmony. His touch is like none I have ever experienced before. Precise yet comforting, gentle yet firm when required…. I have sensed the “layers” of his hand […]

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