Some Moments are Gold

A Golden Moment

A Golden Moment

Robyn Barraclough, who is a Dorothy Hall trained Herbalist, Homeopath, International Body Harmony Teacher and Mother had this heart-warming story to tell us this week –

“My daughter was really angry and upset yesterday, so I sat with her last night and breathed with her, and she relaxed and calmed. Today when her younger brother got really upset and angry, she said, “I know what to do”. She went and sat with him where he was hidden under his doona, breathed with him, found one of his much loved toys, and asked what he wanted. Within minutes, he had calmed and they were all playing together. I am a very proud mama right now.”
With lots of upheavals going on with the children, Robyn has been taking extra time to talk through different aspects of what is going on with them and was delighted when her twin daughters asked her if they could take a walk around the block together to talk about their feelings and what they are thinking, after having had a huge argument. Robyn comments “ It brings tears to my eyes…… Sometimes we do things and can’t see the results from it, and then these moments appear which show us that something really has changed.”
Why are these moments so significant to her? Because they are the results of her decision to change to her own behaviour to help improve the competitive and uncaring dynamics between her children that was evolving. She explains below the steps to make changes to your behaviour.

Making changes takes a few things, not necessarily always in this order – situations may bring them up in any order –
Firstly – it takes awareness to take a look at what is happening, even if you don’t particularly like what you see.
Secondly – with awareness comes choice – choice is not an imposed situation – it is seeing what is, and asking the question ‘What else is possible?’ With the question, I notice that I begin to see more than the one path in front of me. The current behaviour is merely one option in this. The fact that I didn’t like my behaviour also showed me that there was another behaviour that I did want to bring.
Thirdly – the question how? Sometimes behaviour has become so ingrained that we cannot even see how to do something differently.
1.    It starts your body and mind looking for a different way to do things, and along the way…
2.    It brings up any excuses in the way  – any obstacles to be negotiated… (funnily some of which are not even obstacles, just perceptions – real or imagined)
3.    Which shows you how, or
4.    Some completely unthought-of option suddenly becomes available
Why does it do this? Because your body is now looking for a solution to the problem. Other questions like why is this happening only prolong the issue, in some cases re-traumatising and creating blame and hurt.  Questions like “How” encourage your mind to search for new solutions to the question, and bring those answers towards you, showing you examples of what you want to achieve.
Other good questions following on are what would it look like, feel like, smell like? What are the qualities I am looking for? Where have I seen or experienced what it is that I want before. Who do I know that is an example of that behaviour?
Fourthly – What does it feel like in my body when I get in touch with those sensations of the qualities that I want to embody? Where do I feel those sensations?
… and now we start the journey of the treasure trail… these are the parts of our body that know how to do this thing that we want to do. These are the parts that can show us how to integrate these behaviours and qualities more fully into other less conscious parts of our body and awareness.
If you want to find out more about how to discover the treasure, and continue the journey come and  join one of our upcoming workshops.

The Treasures Within – Accessing the Resources Within .
A Body Harmony Workshop on 28-29th March

Want a taste before you commit? Join Brendan on Feb 14th in Goulburn for an Introduction to Body Harmony and the Treasures Within.

Other classes coming up:
Tissue Salts – Clinical Science of Biochemci Medicine, Incorporating Facial Diagnostics
Sydney 6-9th March
Canberra 18-19th and 25th–26th April at Om Shanti College


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