How Easily Does Your Body Move?

Moving freely on the beach

Moving freely on the beach

Movement for some people is easy, yet others find it difficult. Their joints aren’t fluid, there may be pain, there may be discomfort, the movement may be restricted as it accommodates a perceived injury. Robyn Barraclough of Canberra Body Harmony School tells us  “I see this particularly after an injury or accident. The affected area acts as though it is still injured long after the injury has passed. The body is protecting itself against any perceived possibility of pain. ”

She goes on to explain “One client had broken her ankle six months previously. When I watched her walk, her movement wasn’t travelling through her ankle, but around it to the side of her foot. She actually came to see me about some lower back and hip pain, but observing this as I watched her walk I asked her if she had an injury – she told me the story of her ankle. I worked with her foot, and what we discovered was how much her foot had been protecting the ankle as if it was still broken. The other side of her foot was “getting tired” from taking all the weight. As I worked, the movement started to come back into the various parts of her foot and ankle. The initial rigidity the body was using to protect the ankle softened, and by the time we finished she had a fully flexible ankle with movement through the joint in all directions, and with fluid movement up through her knee, hip, and travelling all through her body.  She commented “ My back’s not hurting, it feels really relaxed’.”

If you want to get your body moving with more ease and fluidity join us for our next Body Harmony course “the Magic of Movement” on 25th July in Queanbeyan and stay tuned for more unusual examples of what else is possible and how you too could discover the magic of movement.


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