How Do You Make Decisions?

harmonise through body harmony

harmonise through body harmony

Robyn Barraclough from Canberra Body Harmony School asks “Do you make decisions from your heart or from you mind, using logic and intellect or using gut instincts?’
Often we have a predominant way of operating, and other people may express it in the way they describe us:
•    She wears her heart on her sleeve
•    He made a really logical choice
•    That was a great gut decision to make that move

You may express it in the way you speak
•    I think ….
•    I feel…
•    My instinct…
There are times when each of these ways of making decisions are the most suitable and really support you in your life. But what about when you have an intention that doesn’t align with some of these other ways of thinking?
•    My head says this, but my heart says that…
•    My gut says jump, but my head says wait…
This can lead to disunity in the way that we move forward, possibly leading to procrastination and missed opportunities.
So what happens if the disunity isn’t as conscious as this? In that case you may have a clear goal or intention, but you never seem to achieve it, or you achieve it for a while and then drop back into the old patterns. This could be affecting your ability to make the money you want, do the work you love, have a quality relationship you yearn for. One of these decision makers could have a different agenda to your intention.
Try this exercise to see if you operate from head, heart or gut?
Stand, then walk with awareness in these parts of your body –
1.    Firstly, take your awareness to your head. How easy is it to sense your head? Now walk leading with your head. Notice your experience, thoughts and sensations.
2.    Secondly, take your awareness to your heart and walk leading with your heart. Notice your experience.
3.    Thirdly, take your awareness to your belly. How easily does your awareness and breath come into your belly? Now walk leading with your belly. Notice your experience.
4.    Fourthly, try the same thing with your awareness in your pelvis, and walk leading with your pelvis. Notice your experience.

Were you aware of one area more or was it easier walk from one area than another? What differences did you experience? Did your experience match your assumption as to whether you are a head, heart or gut decision maker? Or did you find it was different?
To gain a deeper understanding of your intentions, join Canberra Body Harmony’s next weekend workshop:
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