Finding An Excuse to Move Differently

Move consciously to your coffee break.

Move consciously to your coffee break.


Robyn Barraclough, Herbalist, Homeopath, and Body Harmony practitioner runs courses and workshops at the Canberra Body Harmony School. A recent workshop, The Magic of Movement focussed on body movement and how it can shift perspectives. As a result of the experiences in this workshop Robyn offers advice on how to use movement to enhance the enjoyment of everyday activities.

It’s easy to find excuses not to do something, not to exercise, to put an activity off. What if you could find excuses instead to do the exercise, to do the activity –  to move differently?
Some key elements will help you –
      Keep the end in mind – what activity can you do on the way to something else you are doing?
  Your time frame – how long do you have between other commitments?
   Unplanned movement – allow yourself to be drawn towards things that attract you.
Enjoyment – feel the sensations in your body and enjoy the feelings of relaxation, stretching and ease.
Continue to enjoy the sensations all the way to the next task – this is celebration time. Feel and sense the enjoyment. The tendency can be to push ahead and start thinking about the next task, but staying in the moment is an important part of the movement and enjoying the return journey, to its full extent, in whatever direction it takes.

So when you go for your next cup of coffee, add a little consciousness to your day. You can be as creative with this as you like…
Include some movement. Instead of rushing to the coffee machine, feel where your feet want to take you: via a window with a beautiful view, via a cat stretch at the copy machine, via the sounds of silence in the bathroom, via the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans or via the feel of a warm mug warming your hands. Notice the physical sensations in your body, and enjoy it all the way to the start of your next task.
Follow the steps above, and enjoy the pleasure of the movement.
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