Do you love exercise or do you struggle?

Movement class

Are you someone who loves movement, can’t wait to get to your next exercise class, dance class, gym session or play your next game? I’ll bet that if you suffer an injury and can’t do your class, or play your game, you will do anything to get moving again as quickly as possible.

Or are you someone who finds movement a real struggle; either it’s painful, hard work or you suffer discomfort? Perhaps you avoid exercise or certain types of movement so that you don’t experience pain; but you may find that, because of a lack of movement, other areas are becoming more painful . This doesn’t mean you don’t want to, or can’t, move easily, just that you may not know how to move freely without pain being the dominant motivator.

In Canberra Body Harmony School’s latest workshop  Magic of Movement  run by Robyn Barraclough, Meredith Dolan and Brendan Allen we explored movement and how the sensations associated with movement affect our relationship to movement. We explored specific movements that can awaken your awareness to sensations in your body associated with your relationship to enjoying movement.

Participants discovered that their relationship to the movement they wanted was often related to a past experience. How easily they moved was affected by their expectations. In exploring movements with different parts of our bodies we found a relationship between moving forward physically and moving forward in life. Likewise with holding back physically.

Participants relished the simple movements in the short movement class “Body Ease”led by Meredith Dolan on the Sunday morning and were amazed at the difference they felt in their bodies afterwards.They are keen to do more movement exploration. Canberra Body Harmony School is looking into hosting more short movement classes. Like our facebook page to keep in touch for news of upcoming classes.


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