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Body Harmony® Sessions and Courses

This section outlines the various ways to educate your body-mind through Body Harmony.

You may choose to do this through:

  • Sessions – Issue specific or regular maintenance sessions
  • A Series of sessions – The Intention Manifestation (IM) Sequence
  • Courses – The Five Modules, IM Classes, and other specific courses here or internationally
  • Learning Body Harmony to apply to your own life, and maybe your family and friends
  • Working Professionally as a Body Harmony Practitioner or Consultant
  • Or a combination of any of the above

Each Body Harmony Encounter, whether session, course, or touch, has the potential and capability to shift your paradigms.

Each posture, and quality of movement, your body adopts, has a corresponding mindset. When your body moves more freely, your mind expresses your possibilities more easily.

Every Body Harmony Course Presentation , no matter what the focus, no matter what the title, stands on its own as a doorway, or a bridge to an expanded perceptual way of behaving.

Each Session or class is an opportunity to re-educate and re-program your body for ease, efficiency, joy, comfort, success, opportunity… and the list is endless.

The Five Modules

The Five Modules cover the Basic Foundation of Body Harmony. At the same time, every module stands on its own as an initiation into a more effective method of personal participation in life.

Each Module offers an opportunity to reprogram your posture, behaviour, and mindset from the inside out.

Within the modules we introduce you to the qualities of approach, touch, engagement, and conversation, that initiate and facilitate movement and possibility in the tissue, and hence in your life. Along the way, we start to introduce you to some basic techniques of the Intention Manifestation Sequence.

Module 1: The Healing Equation

Discover the fundamental basics which take you beyond The right way, the wrong way, your way: The Client’s way. Differentiate and explore specifics and generics.

Discover the application of beginners mind regardless of your level of experience. Learn the elements that help you address the individuality of each person. Learn how to bring your body Into reality, now, beyond the rhetoric or story that drives you. Get back in touch with your feeling Body.

Module 2: The Touch that Sets you free

The Mechanics of a Listening Touch – Understanding the language of the tissues. Learn how to sense and move with each unique body, gaining trust and working with consent. Learn skills like moulding to your clients tissue, developing an awareness of the body’s “layers” through touch, the influence of practitioner comfort, and accessing “the zone” of physical transformation.

Module 3: Projection Free Perception

Perception and Posture. Learn to notice how different thoughts and perceptions influence a person’s posture, structure and the way they function. Learn to locate and address more relevant areas of the body in a Body Harmony treatment. Bring your body to a more functional and comfortable whole. Develop observation skills for clients in movement, standing, walking and lying down. Develop perceptions to ensure a problem never overshadows a possibility.

Module 4: The Embodiment Process

Getting the most out of your sessions. Learn how to import your Affirmations into your tissues, and get the most out of any situation. We study intention and willingness, Control and surrender, Pro-activity and choice and their effects on and in our bodies. Learn to use new experiences of yourself, rather than historical ones to shape the way you think, feel, and act. Develop your touch skills for accessing “The Zone” of possibility and transformation.

Module 5: The Issue in the tissue – The Session Solution

The art of Cellular reprogramming: Techniques to address the specifics of the issue in the tissue. Move towards where you want to go (rather than away from somewhere). Learn the art of reprogramming the quality of your life at a cellular level.

Progressions and procedures for your own practice in Body Harmony. Enhance the integrity of your body’s internal structure and the relationship of its parts. Post session Procedures to enhance the effects of your sessions.

Completion of the Module Series is the First step of the process of becoming a practitioner of Body Harmony, if desired.

Qualification as a Body Harmony® Practitioner

Qualification as a Body Harmony® Practitioner follows

  • Completion of all 5 Modules
  • 100 hours of class time
  • Demonstrated ability to apply the basic principles from the Modules
  • Sponsorship of 2 teachers as mentors
  • Membership of the International Body Harmony Guild

The Intention Manifestation Sessions (IM)

In Body Harmony Terms, IM is a series of 11 sessions designed to explore your relationship between your structure, how you function and your dreams. Don McFarland describes it as a Conscious Consultation with Unconscious Realties. In Practice, we consistently see new relationships to themselves and the world emerge for people. Seemingly impossible dreams become reality through the process.

The Eleven step Intention Manifestation Sequence is designed to illuminate all the metaphors you use (to help, or hinder your journey through life) and the behaviours that follow. As a complete sequence you can redesign your movement, posture, behaviour, perception and approach to life, through the Intention Manifestation Sessions.

IM Classes

IM Classes address each of the areas of the body in detail pertaining to each session described below. You learn the techniques to free the energy, movement and breath specific to each of these areas. Along the way you discover, uncover and redefine the corresponding metaphors or paradigms that you live by.

The IM Sequence

  • Session 1: Whole Body Breathing. Front of the Body
  • Session 2: Transition Zones. Perceiving and Using energy on and off the body
  • Session 3: Underpinnings: Pelvis to the soles of the feet
  • Session 4: Back of the Body
  • Session 5: Sides of the Body. Two sides to every issue. Transition zone where front and back metaphors meet.
  • Session 6: Inside legs. Arch of feet to pelvis
  • Session 7: Between the diaphragms: Thoracic to pelvic.
  • Session 8: The sacrum and the Spine
  • Session 9: Shoulder Girdle to finger tips
  • Session 10: Neck and Head: inside and out
  • Session 11: Aligning Energy Centres

What a Body Harmony® Session involves

(Adapted from Don McFarland)

Whilst there is no such thing as a generic Body Harmony Session (each session is tailored to each client at this moment in time, now), it tends to look like this:

  • You discuss what brought you here – your wishes, your desires, what is your intention for the session?
  • Your practitioner alerts you to your postural fluctuations that accompany specific words and issues, inviting your attention to specific areas of your body for mediation and physical exploration.
  • You are guided to experience your energy undulations, particularly where, and under what circumstances, your energy flow becomes compromised.
  • You exercise your muscles of perception in unfamiliar areas. Your focus enables you to move either from or to a more inclusive perspective.
  • You learn to use your breathing as an exquisite and effective tool.
  • You lay on a table in a variety of comfortable positions. The hands on work comes with a touch that honours the individuality of your tissues, gently releasing the compressions and re-integrating your body-mind structure.
  • Issue-specific breathing patterns focus your awareness.
  • You explore awareness walking to bring your new relationships with gravity into clear consciousness.

It is common to step outside your familiar landmarks during a session. You have the experience, but may have no words or concepts to frame it yet.

Enjoy exploring your post session experiences from this new perspective.

Clients come for a session to work on an issue…

Clients come for regular sessions to maintain optimal functioning.

Clients come to a course and discover new horizons.

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