Learn Facial Diagnostics and How to Detect Mineral Imbalances

Facial diagnostics helps differentiate the most suitable Biochemic Salt

Facial diagnostics helps differentiate the most suitable Biochemic Salt

The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy, Incorporating Facial Diagnostics is now offered as Biochemistry I Unit in the Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine (HLT60112) at Om Shanti College, in Griffith, ACT. This is the first time that a Biochemic Course of this quality has been included in a Natural Medicine training course here in Australia.

This is the foremost and most comprehensive class on the Biochemic Remedies (Tissue Salts or Schüssler Salts) of WH Schüssler. It is accredited by the European Institute for Biochemistry of Dr. Schüssler, and includes many of Schüssler’s tips and tricks.

The Facial Diagnostics skills are a valuable aid to treating clients effectively. In my experience the Biochemic minerals are an excellent adjunct to other forms of therapy. For example, they support all forms of Bodywork helping the sessions to work even more effectively. Bowen Practitioners can do the Biochemic Course as one of their Continuing Education Units. The Biochemic remedies also work well in conjunction with Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy, Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Flowers and other Essences… and more.

Most of the Biochemistry taught in this country is organic biochemistry, and doesn’t include the inorganic biochemistry information included in this class.

This class gives a thorough understanding of how the Biochemic Minerals are used within the body, and how to see through facial diagnosis, symptoms and behavioural characteristics when someone is experiencing an imbalance of these minerals.

What this course includes

  • A thorough understanding of the 12 Schüssler Minerals
  • Physiological Role of the minerals in the body
  • Facial Diagnostics
  • Signs and symptoms of mineral deficiencies, indications and contraindications
  • Wide ranging applications and treatment protocols
  • Comprehensive course manual and Facial diagnostic Book
  • PLUS: Ongoing support and mentoring

Who is this class for?

  • Anyone in the Health care Industry including Doctors, Nurses, Natural Therapists, Bodyworkers, Bowen and Massage Therapists, Counsellors, Chiropractors can benefit from this training to extend their skills and support their clients’ health and wellbeing.
  • Anyone who is passionate about Natural Health and Vitality
  • Students or potential Students of Natural Therapies or the health industry.

A Special Note for Students of Om Shanti College

Please inform us that you are a student of Om Shanti College. You have additional forms to fill out with Om Shanti College as part of your Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine which are important for your Qualification, and must be completed before the commencement of the course. For more details contact Om Shanti College, on 02 6295 2323, or info@omshanticollege.com.au.




About the Presenter

Robyn Barraclough is a Dorothy Hall trained Herbalist, a Homeopath and an International Body harmony Teacher. Her specialty is in teaching people to become more connected to the underlying messages of their bodies, and retraining physical, behavioural and emotional patterns to support their health and wellbeing, bringing their bodies into Harmony.

This Class is presented by Canberra Body Harmony School and Om Shanti College on behalf of The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific) and the German Association of Biochemistry – Founded in 1885 and the European Institute for Biochemistry of Dr. Schüssler.

This class is being taught as an intensive over 4 days, as well as weekly evening classes over a 10 week term. For upcoming classes click on EVENTS, and click on an event to find out more.

Other Biochemic Therapy Classes Available are “The Sodiums Explained” , and “Tissue Salts for Animals” for which The Clinical Science of Biochemic Medicine Class is a pre-requisite. Please Express your interest so we can plan future courses.

Robyn is authorised by the Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific) to teach this class in ACT and NSW. If you have a group of people interested in learning, please contact Robyn on 02 62990553, or robyn@bodyharmony.net.au, to organise a class in your area.

For classes in other areas contact The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific) on  07 41631366, admin@biochemic-remedies.com.au  www.biochemic-remedies.com.au

To find out more about Biochemic Remedies and how to use Tissue Salts


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