Each Body Harmony Session is an opportunity, a class is a group of opportunities. Are you willing to take them?

Body Harmony Five Module Series

This is not your normal education process. It is a process of personal choice and empowerment, empowering you to do and be who you want to be , with the invitation to experience it happening easily.

You can use, focus, adapt, enlist that empowerment to whatever you choose. Becoming a practitioner of Body Harmony is just one option, but we don’t expect it to be everyone’s option, or everyone’s outcome. So the module series is for people who want to become empowered in their lives first and foremost. And if you want to become the type of practitioner who wants to facilitate another person’s personal empowerment, then we are the course for you.

This Course is truly unique. It is truly unique in the way that experiencing your own transformation is the key to becoming a practitioner.  It offers you all the tools to transform your life, which if you choose to join us, changes will start to happen. You will learn skills for  life by embodying these very things you learn in the process how to become a practitioner .

The Module series is a Formula for Life.

It is an opportunity to leave some old habits behind, and create new functional ways of being. It is the opportunity to make your world bigger, to include the things your thought you couldn’t ever do. It is an opportunity to become empowered in your circumstances, your relationships, your business,  in your life.

Through this you will see your life blossom and grow in new and unexpected ways.

Whilst you can start anywhere in your body harmony discovery, this is the basic training that  gives you the tools, empowering you to be all that you can be. This is a tailor made course to what you want to create in your life. Develop skills from the inside out through experiences that support and inform you in life.

In Body Harmony we believe in walking our talk.

There is no difference in course  content for those wanting to become practitioners or those choosing to engage themselves for other purposes. The difference is you.

Do you wish to become a Practitioner? Do you wish to facilitate someone else’s journey of discovery, as well as your own.  If so, let us know, and we are here to facilitate your personal and professional  journey.

If not, we are here to support you in your individual journey.

Either Way, Contact us now to Book.

Module 1: The Healing Equation

Discover the fundamental basics  which take you beyond The right way, the wrong way, your way: The Client’s way.  Differentiate and explore specifics and generics.

Discover the application of beginners mind regardless of  your level of experience. Learn the  elements that help you address the individuality of each person. Learn how to bring your body Into reality, now, beyond the rhetoric or story that drives you. Get back in touch with your feeling Body.

Module 2: The Touch that Sets you free

The Mechanics of a Listening Touch – Understanding the language of the tissues. Learn how to sense and move with each unique body, gaining trust and working with consent. Learn skills like moulding to your clients tissue, developing an awareness of the body’s “layers” through touch, the influence of practitioner comfort, and accessing “the zone” of physical transformation.

How do you touch people with your words, your posture, your approach. These tools whilst essential for bodyworkers, are applicable to every facet of our interactions with others every day, from our children to our business colleagues. Come and be surprised!


Module 3: Projection Free Perception

Perception and Posture. Learn to notice how different thoughts and perceptions influence a person’s posture, structure and the way they function. Learn to locate and address more relevant areas of the body in a Body Harmony treatment. Bring your body to a more functional and comfortable whole. Develop observation skills for clients in movement, standing, walking and lying down. Develop perceptions to ensure a problem never overshadows a possibility.


Module 4: The Embodiment Process

Getting the most out of your sessions. Learn how to import your Affirmations into your tissues, and get the most out of any situation. We study intention and willingness, Control and surrender, Pro-activity and choice and their effects on and in our bodies. Learn to use new experiences of yourself, rather than historical ones to shape the way you think, feel, and act. Develop your touch skills for accessing “The Zone” of possibility and transformation.


Module 5: The Issue in the tissue – The Session Solution

Got any habits you want to transform?  The art of Cellular reprogramming: Techniques to address the specifics of the issue in the tissue.  Move towards where you want to go (rather than away from somewhere).  Learn the art of reprogramming the quality of your life at a cellular level.

Progressions and procedures for your own practice in Body Harmony.  Enhance the integrity of your body’s internal structure and the relationship of its parts. Post session Procedures to enhance the effects of your sessions.

Completion of the Module Series is the First step of the process of becoming a practitioner of Body Harmony, if desired.

Qualification as a Body Harmony®  Practitioner

Qualification as a Body Harmony® Practitioner follows

  • Completion of all 5 Modules
  • 100 hours of class time
  • Demonstrated ability to apply the basic principles from the Modules
  • Sponsorship of 2 teachers as mentors
  • Membership of the International Body Harmony Guild

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