Combining Tissue Salts Therapy and Body Harmony For Better Outcomes

Body Harmony session with Robyn Barraclough

Body Harmony session with Robyn Barraclough

Robyn Barraclough from Canberra Body Harmony School has been in practice as a therapist for over 15 years and says:
“Over that time, I have been searching for techniques and treatments that will make my sessions more effective and improve outcomes. As part of this continuous improvement I have been monitoring how long it takes my clients to see and feel lasting results.
Initially I only used Body Harmony® and I found the beauty of Body Harmony® is that you can walk in my door feeling pain or discomfort physically, emotionally or mentally and walk out feeling better on each of those levels. What Body Harmony® does is to align your body in each of those areas, resulting in you feeling a positive difference and much improved after a session.
The problem is that if your home or work environment is not supportive of those changes it can feel like those changes don’t last.  Actually what happens is it’s more challenging for you to continue to feel that the new sensations are comfortable in the non-supportive environment. It can depend how much you want to change as to how long the changes continue to hold. If you are in a supportive environment you will see a quick improvement as the changes are positively reinforced and if you adopt simple daily practices to reinforce the results of the session you will also see rapid improvement.
Support is also needed for your internal environment. If your nutrition or mineral balance is compromised, your body can’t function efficiently and effectively. If your mental or emotional environment is highly stressed, self-critical, angry, scared or upset then this also affects your body’s nutritional balance and ability to digest and rest, which may show up as cravings for particular foods, flavours or tastes (chocolate, salty food, sweet, sugary foods, pastries, fast food).
What I have found is that everyone has life stresses that puts pressure on their mineral balance. When you take Tissue Salts, your body is able to absorb, metabolise and use the minerals and functions better and you start to feel better.
These are the benefits when I combine Body Harmony® and Tissue Salts:
Body Harmony® helps to realign the physical, mental and emotional towards one goal, which may be experienced as feelings of lightness, ease of movement, easier breathing, relief of physical symptoms and experiencing new behaviours and sensations supportive to your goals.
 Tissue Salts stimulate the body to uptake the required minerals from food and the bloodstream, which may be experienced as a large improvement in symptoms during the first week taking them, as the body gets what it needs to function effectively. Continued use of appropriate Tissue Salts helps to improve the whole body’s functioning, and provide the internal environment for your body to function more effectively, creating a good foundation for other therapies.
 Body Harmony® and Tissue Salts together – In clinic I notice a further improvement or reduction in the time taken to achieve the client’s health or goal, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. Symptoms also become more specific making effective treatment easier.”
Canberra  Body Harmony School holds regular workshops on both modalities. Learn more about how to apply Body Harmony® and Tissue Salts in your life or practice at these upcoming workshops:
The Gems Within our Organic Nature, Heart Mind and Belly. 21-22 November in Canberra.
The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy 27 November to 30 December in Canberra.

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