Body Harmony in Nature exercise

Connecting with Nature can be therapeutic and healing, and even used to help solve problems.

I love going for early morning walks or drives, Nature never fails to give me a gift for the day.

Here is a simple nature connect exercise that you can use help embody an intention.

Start with an intention, then take some time to absorb your surroundings.

  • Notice what attracts your attention in nature, is it a tree or plant, a sound, an animal, or something else.
  • Take the time to feel the sensations of it in your body.
  • Do you experience a physical response, if so where in your body?
  • What is the quality of the sensation that you feel.
  • Allow the pleasure of the sensation to spread through other areas of your body?
  • What suggestions does this sensation give you about your intention?
  • How can you bring that sense into your day, every day for the next week?
  • Choose a time and place for how you can include that quality in your day.

Notice your responses and let me know what you discovered.

I look forward to hearing your experiences at or on my facebook page.

Talk soon,



  1. here is a little video of another member of the water dragon family that I saw


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