Awareness Using Bodywork and Facial Signs

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Take a few moments out of your day to bring gifts to yourself.  Robyn Baraclough, Natural Therapies Practitioner, offers some practical ways to create awareness in your body through simple body work –
Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day, that we forget to take a moment to see how we are and how we feel right now.  Taking a few moments to become aware and reset our body, can make a huge difference to our sense of well-being and  happiness.

Have you ever found yourself hunched over your computer or your phone as you read your emails, and not realised how you got to be that way?
As you read this,
•    Without changing anything, notice your posture right now…
•    How do you feel about yourself right now? Are your thoughts positive, negative or neutral?
•    What position are all of your body parts in? is your spine aligned, or is it pulled to one side or another, forward or back?
•    Are you aware of any areas in your body of tension, or any areas that feels relaxed or open or easy?
•    Explore the qualities of any areas that you choose to take your awareness.
•    Notice if your awareness goes to the areas of tension or the areas of relaxation?
•    What are the qualities of the areas that weren’t first drawing your attention
•    Then take your awareness to an area of ease and note what are the qualities of the areas of relaxation?

Breathe into any relaxed areas, and feel the ease of that area. As you breathe into that area, explore how far that relaxation can spread through your body….what if your whole body could join in?

What happens if you allow that relaxed feeling and your breathe to extend towards  any areas of tension, and see if you can let those areas soften and relax. If it doesn’t relax straight away, don’t worry, remember you are retraining your body to relax, and sometimes it takes a little while for that part of your body to work out how it can relax right now.  Practice breathing into the edges of tension,. See if you can feel your breath inviting that area to soften and release. Allow your exhale to caress it and soften. Exhale with a soft gentle Aaaaaah.  And again, what do you notice?
How do you feel now, notice which areas feel different to when you started. Continue to breathe into the areas that feel good, and see how far that feeling can extend.
The more you become aware of how you are feeling and what sensations you are experiencing in any given moment, the easier it is to take steps to change your breath or behaviour to support how you want to be right now.

You can also become aware of your facial signs.  Take a moment to look in the mirror and notice if there are any clues in your face as to which minerals are missing.  What’s happening in your life that is causing you to use more of which minerals?  This way you can work out which Biochemic Tissue Salts will support you at this time.

To experience more awareness, ease and alignment with your intentions through Body Harmony® or better health using Biochemic Tissue Salts call Robyn Barraclough, Natural Therapies Practitioner,from the Body Harmony School Canberra on (0)2 62990553 to book an appointment for a session pre-Christmas or for the New Year.  Sign up to our newsletter to receive enewsletters about courses in Body Harmony® and Tissue Salts Work Shops next year.


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