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How Do You Make Decisions?

Robyn Barraclough from Canberra Body Harmony School asks “Do you make decisions from your heart or from you mind, using logic and intellect or using gut instincts?’ Often we have a predominant way of operating, and other people may express it in the way they describe us: •    She wears her heart on her sleeve […]

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Body Harmony session with Robyn Barraclough

Combining Tissue Salts Therapy and Body Harmony For Better Outcomes

Robyn Barraclough from Canberra Body Harmony School has been in practice as a therapist for over 15 years and says: “Over that time, I have been searching for techniques and treatments that will make my sessions more effective and improve outcomes. As part of this continuous improvement I have been monitoring how long it takes […]

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Move consciously to your coffee break.

Finding An Excuse to Move Differently

  Robyn Barraclough, Herbalist, Homeopath, and Body Harmony practitioner runs courses and workshops at the Canberra Body Harmony School. A recent workshop, The Magic of Movement focussed on body movement and how it can shift perspectives. As a result of the experiences in this workshop Robyn offers advice on how to use movement to enhance […]

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Do you love exercise or do you struggle?

Are you someone who loves movement, can’t wait to get to your next exercise class, dance class, gym session or play your next game? I’ll bet that if you suffer an injury and can’t do your class, or play your game, you will do anything to get moving again as quickly as possible. Or are […]

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Body Ease - Enjoy Moving freely like this on the beach

How Easily Does Your Body Move?

Movement for some people is easy, yet others find it difficult. Their joints aren’t fluid, there may be pain, there may be discomfort, the movement may be restricted as it accommodates a perceived injury. Robyn Barraclough of Canberra Body Harmony School tells us  “I see this particularly after an injury or accident. The affected area […]

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Help Your Kids Be Healthy

Learn How To Use Tissue Salts For Healthy Kids, On This Weekend

“Lots of wonderful examples, experiences and stories. The information is not only interesting, and fascinating, but provides one with a basis for learning how to care for one’s family and health.” Sandra Hartmann – participant last year. Canberra Body Harmony School is holding a short introductory course in how to use Tissue Salts to support […]

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